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Web shop Shipping to Oversea OK.


EMS working now.

Postage method “EMS

     We can send the items in a box.

     We never use paper bag.

     The paper bag causes concern because

     it can become ripped and is not insulated

     against liquids.

     I’m sorry in disregard of sending valued

     your stuff.

    We’re very sorry, but orders cannot be delivered

    to post office box addresses.

    Please provide us with your home address.

EMS: Express Mail Service
       Items can only be sent via “EMS

       and take about 3-7 days to arrive.

       Depending on your location, you may

       be required to pay

       customs or other postal charges.

       Takuya Angel does not accept responsibility

       for an additional fees or changes

       and invoices will not be

       marked down to allow for these additional fees.  

  Postage fees [EMS] simulation
      There will be no refunds or trades available

      after you have sent payment to us.

      This is because we will ship your order as soon   

      as we have payment confirmation.

      Therefore please consider your order carefully.

Small Packet

Started supporting Small Packages.



●Plane Masks

●Ninjya Mask    etc...

  1. 1Small articles can be sent at a lower rate than EMS (Express Mail Service) or Parcel Post.

  2. 2The maximum weight for these packages is 2 kg.

  3. 3Some countries accept small packets by economy air (SAL) in addition to airmail and surface mail.


Cancellation Fees after an Order Has Been Processed 

If you decide not to pay customs and cancel after we have processed your order, for cancellation fees we will ask you to pay the following 

A+B+C=D(D being the return cost for the item) with the item total (E) subtracted.

If the customs total was more than the original cost,

we will ask for the additional fees (F).

A: Return Shipping Cost

B:Customs fee (of your country) which applies to us


 Brokerage fee

 Import document creating fee

 Withholding fees.

C: Returning Customs Fee

D: Total Fees

E: Total Paid

 (excludes Paypal fees, shipping and box fee)

F: Excess Cancellation Fees


If you cancel an order we cannot provide you with the item.

We do not provide full refunds.

Advance check and Next Mailformhttp://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=fdb1e3d855f08f0ehttp://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=fdb1e3d855f08f0eshapeimage_13_link_0

We will send a confirmation email of the total cost before asking for the payment.

Please send me any Question from Mailform on next page.

Please send me about A, B and C from Mailform on Next page

A: Personal Information

  Please fill out the form of Mailform completely. 

  If you don’t have a home phone number,

  and only have mobile/cell number, please enter

  the mobile/cell number

B: Item Description

  (3 items to fill -repeat with  each new item ordered)

  item number/size/points

  As the Soldout item is currently in production,

  please allow an additional some week(1 to 2 weeks)

  before shipping .

C: Accepted Methods of Payment

     [Credit Card, *Paypal or Bank]

   Orders must be paid in full before shipping.

   Credit Card Fee: total price x 4%

[about Paypal]

   *Paypal is available also upon request.

  * Paypal fee = total price x 6%

[about Bank Trasfer]

  ◎Bank transfer fee=6,500Jpy

  ◎Both Bank & Paypal : Please pay by Japanese

      Bank transfer in (Jpy)Yen only.

Please send me any questions from this mail

Advance check and Next Mailformhttp://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=fdb1e3d855f08f0ehttp://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=fdb1e3d855f08f0ehttp://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=fdb1e3d855f08f0eshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1
T Shirt../T-Shirt/T-Shirt.html
Hair AC../hair-accessory/hair-accessory.html

Let me check your mail and I will get back to you. 

total price, payment methods, etc..

We will get back to you at the soonest possible time.